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You have a sore throat? Can I have ice cream for relief?

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Ice cream is not recommended when you have a sore throat for the following reasons:


1. If it is a cold that causes a sore throat, you cannot eat ice cream, because it is easy for cold patients to eat ice cream to aggravate their cold and it is difficult to relieve their symptoms.

2. Some cold patients can suffer from acute suppurative tonsillitis and even pneumonia due to eating ice cream, so they may have chills, fever, cough, and worsening throat pain symptoms.

3. Eating ice cream can stimulate and induce local mucosal congestion and edema in the throat, and it can also make the symptoms of throat pain difficult to relieve.

4. The sugar content in ice cream is high, which can induce the increase of sputum, which is not conducive to the remission of the disease.

Therefore, patients with sore throat should drink more warm water and avoid eating spicy, irritating, raw and cold food.

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