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What's the difference between Italian Gelato and other kinds of ice cream?

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1. Fat content:

The milk fat content of Gelato is between 4% and 8%. In the United States, the average milk fat content of ICE cream is 15%. The national legal standard in the United States is more than 10%, but basically far more than that. That's why it's called ice cream. The difference in milk fat content determines the softness and smoothness of ice cream, that is, there is more cream in ice cream, which is soft and unforgettable in ice cream represented by Hloxue and DQ.


2. Air content:

During production, Gelato takes in less air than ice cream, so it tastes more compact, stronger (Turkish ice cream has less air) and delicate. The air content of ice cream is generally more than 25%, and some cheap ice cream can enter more than 50% of the air. Gelato is very laborious to make. It is stirred at a low speed, so it hardly leaks air. Many ice cream shops are still handmade, and there is much less air in handmade ice cream than machines. If you compare two ice creams of the same volume, Gelato will be heavier than ice cream.


3. Sugar content:

The reason why the sugar content of Gelato is between 16% and 24% is due to the addition of glucose syrup, sucrose and a large amount of fresh juice in the production process. That's why Gelato has more tastes and choices.


4. Temperature:

Ice cream needs to be stored at a lower temperature because it has too much milk fat and a lot of air is injected into the production process. To ensure the taste, eggs, alcohol, starch, milk and so on will be added. When making, the temperature of the gelato is kept at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Pay attention to fresh, do it every day and sell it every day to make sure it tastes fresh. Unlike ice cream, ice cream contains a lot of milk fat and can be preserved for up to a year, while Gelato has a shelf life of only one week.


Most of the Gelato stores in Italy are small shops that don't look like much and are handed down from generation to generation. Many of them have their own secret recipes, with a variety of flavors, such as pepper, pepper and so on, which are worth challenging.

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