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Know more about this Frozen Drink

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Slush machines are widely used to make slushies of different flavors. You will find commercial slush machines at many corner shops, ice cream parlors, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Even ice cream vans carry slushy machines to offer customers a unique frozen beverage.

But what if you need to make slushies at home? The market is full of small size slush machines that you can use to make slushies at home. However, if you don’t want to buy a machine for this, there are other ways to make slushies at home. You can either use your freezer or a blender for this purpose. Also, an ice cream maker can help you out in making delicious homemade slushies.

Working Mechanism of a Slushy Machine

Commercial slush machines have freezing capabilities means they turn water into an icy slush. On the other hand, many home slushy machines don’t have the freezing option; and therefore, they need crushed ice to make slushies for you.

A slush machine starts working by freezing the water. A concentrated liquid in water circulates through the machine’s cooling system, passing via the condenser, expansion valves, compressor, and mixer to produce slush.

The machine is responsible for adding flavor and sugar into the water. The sugar doesn’t allow the water to turn into solid ice cubes. Therefore, the correct amount of sugar must be added. The machine keeps the ratio of the ingredients in check and mixes them smartly to produce slushies instead of ice cubes.

After adding sugar, flavor, and coloring, the solution reaches the evaporator or the mixer. The mixer has mixing blades that move both horizontally and vertically to break the water or slush molecules and prevent ice making. The constant movement of the blades keeps the mixture uniformly mixed and doesn’t allow the slush to turn solid.

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