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How to clean a commercial slush machine

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Commercial slush machines need both quick and deep cleaning. So, first, start with quick cleaning.


Quick Cleaning

Drain the remaining slush

XJH-12LX3 (2)

Make sure to remove every drop of slush from the chamber.


Add water and dishwashing liquid

Remove the top hood or lid of the bowl and add lukewarm water into the bowl. Fill it to the top and add some detergent or dishwashing liquid. Next, turn on the machine so that the mixing chamber can start its operation. Make sure not to turn on the chilling unit. After a few minutes, you will notice a change in color that indicates the sugar is dissolved into the water.

Dispense the soapy water

Open the dispensing tap to remove all the soapy water from the tank.

XJH-12LX3 (2)

Fill the water into the chamber again and turn on the machine for another minute or so. Make sure the chamber is free from every bit of detergent.  Next, dry the chamber using a clean piece of cloth.


Deep Cleaning

Remove the chamber/tank

To deep clean your slush machine, first of all, remove the chamber. Lift it slightly up and pull it to detach it from the base that has the refrigeration system.

Detach the dispensing tap

Remove the screw from the dispensing tap. Make sure to hold the bottom of the plunger while removing the screw because it is loaded with spring. Remove the plunger carefully, then the cover and the spring.

Remove the stirrer/agitator


After disassembling the dispensing tap, take out the auger or stirrer, back rubber seal, and the spacer.

Now, you have detached all the moving parts.

Lubricate the parts

Apply grease on the rubber seal, auger, and the tap assembly.

Wash the other parts with water and dishwashing powder

Wash the chamber and its top hood, mixing blade, and the other parts like the drip tray with dishwashing powder and lukewarm water. Also, it is suggested to sanitize them to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Reassemble the machine

Place back all the parts of your slush machine.    

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