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How to Use and Clean a Slushie Machine?

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Slushy machines are a great way to keep things cool and refreshing during the hot summer months. They help you create an icy, refreshing drink that is perfect for any occasion. To learn how to use one, read this article.

A slushy machine is used in restaurants and cafes to make drinks like ice tea or lemonade by combining water with sugar and flavorings such as lime juice or fruit syrups. It can also be combined with soft drinks like cola or ginger ale for flavors like cherry coke or root beer float.  Slushies are created when liquid passes through the machine’s freezing unit, freezing it into solid form while mixing it with flavoring agents.


A slushy machine is one of many options for frozen treat makers. It functions similar to an ice cream maker by making soft-serve desserts. However, unlike an actual ice cream maker, slushy machines are typically used for slushies, an icy cold drink. This machine works by taking water and other ingredients, such as fruit juice or syrup, and then using paddles or blades to mix ice with the liquid until it becomes a soft frozen treat. The number of treats that can be made at one time depends on the size of the slushy machine.

Making slush in a slushy machine is not really complicated, and it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.


First Step: Get the slushy machine out of storage

First, you need to prepare your slushy machine to make slushies for you. For this, attach the mixing bowl or container to the base of your machine. If the machine has a metal canister, place it over the base and then place the cover over the canister and make sure it is properly locked. Next, attach the drip tray and check if it is aligned with the spout of the container.

After assembling your machine, plug it in.

Second Step: Pick your flavor

Now it’s time to choose your slushy flavor. You can do this by adding in fruit or juice concentrates. Some slushy machines come with pre-programmed slushy settings for several flavors. Still, you can make your own slushy flavor by following the recipe on an individual fruit or juice concentrate package.


Third Step: Add ice, salt, and cold water  

Once you’ve chosen and made your flavored mixture, add ice and salt into the machine using the ice inlet cap. Fill the container or canister less than the halfway mark with ice cubes. You can also use crushed ice, but the quantity must be less. Add about an inch or one layer of crushed ice to the slushy machine.

To add water into the machine, first, add water into the measuring cup to meet the required amount and then pour it into the machine.


Fourth Step: Add the syrup

After adding ice and salt, add the syrup which you made earlier by following the recipe. Turn on the machine. Make sure to lock in the lid and let it mix for a few minutes.

Fifth Step: Add more ice, salt, and slushy flavor

After one cycle, shut off the slushy machine and refill it with crushed ice and salt. Next, add slushy flavor to taste and mix for another cycle.

Sixth Step: Get out the straws and enjoy

When the slushy reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a cup and enjoy it with a straw. To dispense the slush, turn the dispensing handle clockwise.

Seventh Step: Turn off the machine

Once you have finished slushing your slushies, turn the machine off. Detach the parts, clean them, and store the machine to use it next time.

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