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How to Use a Commercial Slushy Machine

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There is a difference between using a home slush machine and a commercial slush machine. Commercial slush machines are bigger units; thus, they serve more people at a time.


These machines operate at an idle temperature of -3 degrees Centigrade.

Making slushies using a commercial-grade machine is easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make tasty slushies for your customers.

First Step: Select a flavor

First of all, choose any flavor of your choice.


Second Step: Make a diluted solution

Take 1 kg of slush mix and 4 liters of water and dilute the slush mix into the water.

If your machine has more than one bowl or chamber, you can select another slush mix of a different flavor and add it to 4 liters of water to get a second diluted solution.

Third Step: Add mixture to the machine

Open the lid of the bowl and pour the mixture into the bowl. Next, turn on the machine by pushing the main switch.

Fourth Step: Turn on the machine

Activate the mixer by pushing the button. The tub of your machine will start mixing. The cooling system will cool the mixture, and after about one hour, the mixture will turn into slush.


Fifth Step: Dispense the slush 

Turn on the dispensing tap to pour slush into the cup.

Different commercial slush machines have different sets of buttons. The number of buttons depends on the number of mixing chambers. It is common to have commercial slush machines with more than one mixing chamber to create slushies of different flavors at a time.

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