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How to Make Ice Cream without Cream: 8 Delicious Recipes

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if the outdoor temperature is beginning to rise where you are, you've probably already had your first ice cream cravings, but instead of dipping into a supermarket freezer, know that making ice cream at home can be much easier than you might think.

Good homemade ice cream can be made with or without using an ice cream maker and, if you want the treat but at less detriment to your waistline, we've got some top tips, techniques and recipes for making ice cream without cream.

To make ice cream without cream with or without an ice cream maker you'll need the following:

500 ml of milk
5 tablespoons of sugar
Vanilla essence (or vanillin)
Fill some glass jars three-quarters full with milk and let them rest in the freezer for a couple of hours if using an ice cream maker, about 4 hours otherwise.

Using an ice cream maker
Take the glasses out of the freezer and leave them on the side for half an hour
Break up the ice with a fork and let it soften for an hour
Pour the contents of the glasses into the ice cream maker with the sugar and the vanilla essence
Mix and operate the machine for about 20 minutes (timing may vary depending on the model)
Without using an ice cream maker
Leave the contents of the previously frozen glasses out for about half an hour
Pour it into a blender
Add the sugar and the essence, then stir
Operate the appliance for a maximum of two minutes, until creamy
And hey presto, you have a 'fior di latte' ice cream without cream, a blank canvas to which you can add your own flavourings or fruit, like strawberries, as desired.

Ice Cream Made with yoghurt
If the simple recipe above is too simple, you can prepare a good ice cream without cream, using yogurt instead.

To do this:

Whisk an egg white
Mix 500g of low-fat plain yoghurt with a couple of tablespoons of honey, then incorporate the whipped egg white, a little at a time.
Transfer everything to the ice cream maker. When the yoghurt ice cream is compact and creamy, transfer it to the freezer and let it rest for at least an hour.
If you want to make chocolate ice cream without cream, before operating the ice cream maker, add two tablespoons of cocoa powder and some dark chocolate flakes to the mix.
This recipe also lends itself to carrying other flavours, so let your creativity run wild.

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