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How much do you know about ice cream?

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Why ice cream can be divided into soft and hard type? What is soft ice cream and what is hard ice cream?

Soft ice cream wainvented by Italians, made and sold on-the-spot, also known as "fresh ice cream". Hard ice cream was created by Americans, mainly processed in factories and frozen to be sold in stores.


What's the difference between hard and soft ice cream?

1, The density is different

The density of hard ice cream is low, the air content is high, the production temperature is low, the taste is hard, it is thick, and it has a relatively greasy feeling.
Soft ice cream has high density, low air content, high production temperature, soft texture, smooth and refreshing taste.


2, Different fat content

Generally speaking, the milk fat of soft ice cream is relatively low at 3% to 6%, so it is better for people who are afraid of being fat to choose soft ice cream.

3, The overrun rate is different

There is no hardening process in the production of soft ice cream, and the overrun rate is 30% to 60%. It is generally sold on-the-spot with ice cream machines.The overrun rate of hard ice cream is 80% to100%. It is hardened to facilitate packaging and transportation.


4. The raw materials and nutrients are different

Soft ice cream is made of soft ice cream powder or ice cream paste; hard ice cream is made of hard ice cream powder. Due to different ingredients, the two can not be mixed. Usually, a soft ice cream contains more nutrients (about 1.6 times) than the hard ice cream of the same volume, and the unhardened soft ice cream tastes smoother and mellower.


5. The production temperature and the center temperature are different

Compared with soft ice cream and hard ice cream, the temperature is -4℃ and-15℃ respectively, and the air content varies from 0% to 60%.The central temperature of soft ice cream is generally about -5°C, while that of hard ice cream is between-12°C to -13°C.

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